Author: Matt Lagrosa

Quick and Easy Lighting – The Ring Light

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Do you know little to nothing about lighting, and are looking for a fast and simple way to get the perfect look? If this is you, then a Ring Light may be just what you’ve been looking for. Here are a few reasons why..



There are several different types of Ring Lights. They come in different sizes, but all the same shape. The most practical use for a Ring Light would be to light the face of a subject. Whether its for Film or for Photography, a Ring Light is easily one of the quickest and efficient ways to light a subjects face, without the use of multiple lights. This is due to the fact that a Ring Light is able to produce an incredibly uniform light, creating even shadows, and lights all sides of the subject. Just plug in, and enjoy!

Ringlight photo by Clint Adam Smyth, the master of light and lighting


Ring Lights have a great reputation for being able to create a beautiful eye reflecting effect. With other lights, it is often difficult to capture the detail of a subjects eyes. With the Ring Light, you are able to shoot right through the centre of it, which makes it incredibly easy to capture the detail in someones eyes.

Ringlight photo by Clint Adam Smyth, the master of light and lighting



Due to its practicality, simplicity, and versatility, a Ring Light is the favoured lighting choice for most of the internet’s most famous vloggers and content creators. YouTubers who specialize in makeup, and beauty care will often use a Ring Light for its ability to bring out the details in the subjects face.

Ultimate Diva Ringlight Light by Big City Lights based in Toronto, Canada



If you already have a decent lighting setup that you’re content with, adding a Ring Light to the mix will take it to the next level. The Ring Light can also be used as a fill light that can be used to cancel out unwanted shadows, and will provide a softer look.

Fluorescent Ringlight in Canada for Film and Photography. Great for Make-up!



Ring Lights can often be difficult to come across at your ordinary retail shop, but here at Big City Lights, we offer a wide selection of Ring Lights for great prices!! You can check them out HERE, or visit us in STORE and see them for yourself!

LED Flex Panel Overview

Lighting your scenes, and subjects, should never be a huge hassle… At Big City Lights, we currently offer 3 different types of flex panel LED lights, that are high quality, and incredibly convenient! These can all be used in several different types of scenarios, and situations so please be sure to check out our LED Flex Panel Comparison video below to see which light might be the best for you!

Nanguang Canada – 2 Bi-Colour LED Flex Panel Kit

Sexi Flexi – Long Flexible Bi-Colour LED PANEL

Sexi Flexi – Rectangle Flexible Bi-Colour LED PANEL


Nanguang Canada LED Flex Panel Kit

Flex LED’s are arguably the most versatile and durable lights on any set in today’s ever evolving age of filmmaking. Having the flexibility (no pun intended) to place these small but powerful light sources virtually anywhere, is such an amazing asset to have. With our Nanguang Canada LED Flex Panel Kit, you’ll be getting an amazing quality light, that’s long lasting, powerful, versatile, and unbelievably portable.

Inside of the carrying case, you’ll find: 2 Bi-Colour LED Panels, 2 Frames, 2 diffusion sheets, 2 black backing sheets, 1 ballast with v mount battery adapter, 1 AC power cable, ,1 NP series adapter, and a light stand. This incredible deal is a no brainer if you’re in the market for a flexible bi-colour LED panel kit.

The lights are incredibly powerful, and have a great output. At a reasonable power consumption of about 57.6 watts, having the ability to run off a battery for a decent amount of time, is definitely a nice luxury to have. A CRI value of 95 will ensure that the quality of light is sufficient for all types of shoots, and scenarios. The diffusion sheets and ability to dim really give you a great soft light option. Also, it’s worth pointing out that the lights are waterproof, so if you’re someone who’d be working in those conditions, that is good news for you.

For a complete overview of our Nanguang Canada LED Flex Panel Kit, please check out the video below!!

Nanguang Canada – 2 Bi-Colour LED Flex Panel Kit



Big City Model 1 Shoulder Rig Kit

The Big City Model 1 Shoulder Rig Kit comes fully loaded with all of the essentials to get awesome stabilization, for your shots. The complete kit comes equipped with the shoulder mount, handle grips, an overhead grip, matte box, follow focus ring, and camera plate. There is also an option to just purchase the shoulder rig without the complete kit, which includes, the shoulder mount, grips, and camera plate. The rig is made up of metal, but is extremely lightweight. It is extremely simple to setup and use right out of the box!

This piece of gear is an essential for the arsenal of any aspiring filmmaker, or videographer. It is also a great option budget wise, if you are looking for something to get you stable shots without an expensive gimbal. If you would like to purchase this product, please visit the links down below.


Big City Model 1 Shoulder Rig 


Big City Model 1 Shoulder Rig Kit