Google and Levi’s work together to create ‘smart jeans’

Google and Levi’s have collaborated on a fascinating idea to turn jeans into a touch-based controller. Google has developed a thread made of conductive thread that contains no metals, isn’t rigid and seamlessly fits so that it is not noticed when worn. Google and Levi’s are teaming up to create jeans to make life easier by installing control systems into the fabrics in our jeans that we can access immediately  that correspond with our personal electronics.

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The question asked about this product is how it will make its way to fit our every day lives. It would be easy to vaguely imagine where we would find purpose for this – scrolling through lists on a pant leg, adjusting volumes and answering calls from inside our pocket but how is this really going to make an impact on a larger scale? Ivan Poupyrev, a technical program leader in Google research group has tested the product numerous times on a small scale – but still effective. The intent of the touch panels is to provide a quick and subtle way to interact with our technology we own Poupyrev used the scrolling gesture to adjust the hour on a clock – using the same motion, he lifted his hand higher and was able to adjust the minutes. Levi and Google are working together to further improve and advance the idea but no details were given about when the clothes will be available to buy.