2 panel Bi-Colour LED Flex Panel Kit

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This amazing kit is possibly the most versatile portable lighting kit you can own.

Kit Includes

  • 2 Bi-Colour LED Flex Panels (30 x 60cm)
  • 2 Mounting frames so you can configure the lights in either a square or rectangle format
  • AC Adapter
  • V-Lock battery adapter (batteries sold separately)
  • Sony V-lock to twin NP (type 1) battery adapter (Batteries sold separately)
  • A Light Stand
  • Carrying Case
  • Diffusion cloth


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Versatile LED Studio light

This kit is possibly the most versatile portable lighting kit you can own.

Bendable & Flexible

Compress the LED lamps for virtually limitless do-it-yourself lighting experiences, redefining what it is to be a portable light.

Bi-Colour Brightness

3200K – 5600K LED lamps set together in a Cross Matrix arrangement. Perfect light made even better!

Key Features:

  • Two light-as-feather LED Panels (30 x 60cm)
  • Flexible as a Gymnast
  • Thin as a catwalk model
  • Bi-Colour variable to match any job
  • Battery operable
  • Connect into soft large tiles for beautiful soft lighting wrap
  • Strip or Square configuration frames included
  • >95 CRI for non compromising light quality

Additional Features:


  • The best choice for rainy day shooting.

High Quality Diffusing Cloth

  • The high quality diffuser design provides a soft beam of light that does not wrinkle when folded.

Velcro design

  • Easily attach the provided square and rectangular frames anywhere, and in any layout.

Bi-Colour & Dimmer Knob Design

  • The dimmer and imbedded 3200K & 5600K LED bulbs can each be controlled in conjunction to provide whatever your lighting needs.

Pro Digital Display

  • A professional digital display screen on the control box provides 0-100% brightness display for clear visibility at a glance.

Included Sony V-Mount and NP Style adapters (type 1)

  • V-Mount Plate enables the use of Sony V-Lock batteries (batteries not included).
  • Adapter to 2 NP Style batteries (batteries not included).

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