384 Scanner DMX Control Board with Light and Midi Interface


A powerful mid range DMX control board with 384 scanners and 8 programmable scenes.

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DMX512/1990 channels.
384 Scanners FOR 12 pieces of 16 channels
30 Banks of 8 programmable scenes.
16 position adjuster for adjustment
Energizing again will restart Chase or Bank
Built in microphone for sound triggering.
TAP SYNC button or Speed potentiometer to settle the amtotrigger time
MINI interface can be controlled by MIDI signals anytime
4 numeral digital display sn
Black out can be manual operation / MIDI remote control
CHASES edition and CHASES operation can be manual operation / MIDI remote control
FADE TIME potentiometer adjusts the delay time
DMX output connector:XLR-D3F
Interface: LED lamp interface
Power input: 12V 500mA

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