Basic and Deluxe Autopoles


These Autopoles are a single action locking cam aluminum AutoPole. It mounts between the floor and ceiling of a studio.  They come in 2 sizes, a basic that ranges from 86″ (220cm) to 149″ (380cm) OR a deluxe model that ranges from 94″ (240cm) to 165″ (420cm).

AutoPoles support backgrounds, lights, and grip arms, with the addition of Super Clamps, Hooks, and crossbars.

  • This AutoPole has a black anodized finish
  • Strong support for backgrounds, lights and grip
  • May also be used as a cross bar in a door or entranceway.

Price is per single pole

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Price is per single pole

Additional information

Pole Size

Basic (max height 12.4 ft), Deluxe (max height 13.8 ft)

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