Heavy Duty Chrome C-Stand with Sliding Leg


C-stands are heavy, and their leg style further concentrates that weight at the base than a traditional light stand.

Range of movement is 61″ to 113″  (5 – 9.5 foot) and this model has a sliding leg for uneven surfaces.

3 Big City models available

  • C-stand  – $149.95
  • C-stand with boom arm and single grip – $189.95
  • C-stand with boom arm and double grip – $219.95

Chrome finish.

Sorry Due to the size of this item,

IN STORE PICK UP ONLY, Please call ahead.


The Classic (Century) C-Stand.

Century Stands, more commonly known as “C” Stands, have been one of the most common types of grip equipment used by the filmmaking industry for decades due to their strength and flexibility. Used on its own or in combination with a grip head and grip arm, the C stand is used for mounting lighting equipment and a whole variety of light shaping tools and accessories. All Century Stands feature a unique base specially designed with three varied leg heights. This enables the user to position, or “nest” the stand bases so that the risers are just inches apart from one another for use in close proximity mounting of lights and other grip equipment or easy storage.  They come either with or without a grip arm, and this model has a sliding leg for uneven surfaces

Range of movement is 61″ to 113″  (5 – 9.5 foot)

Available in Chrome finish.

Additional information

Grip Arm

C-Stand, C-Stand with arm and single grip, C-Stand with arm and double grip


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