Large Chrome “O” Grid Clamp


The standard Grid O-Clamp

Will fit most pipes or truss between 1.5 – 2″. (4 – 5 cm)

In stock


The standard Grid O-Clamp in Chrome

  • Wraps around 50-55mm for truss, tube and pipe mounting. Quick and easy to use, remove or re-position 2 inch pipe lighting clamp
  • Heavy duty: 100KG/200lb load capacity, complete wrap to add security and stability
  • Fits F31,F32,F33,F34 and F44P Aluminum Trussing and 2 inch piping clamp for projector,DMX par light, spot light and moving head lights
  • Clamp Minimum Tubing/Trussing Size 50mm pipe OD, Maximum Size 55mm Pipe OD
  • Ideal using for stage, DJ, bar, club, event, theatre disco and studio light mount
  • Material:Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Net weight: 0.16kg >

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