Dashboard Camera Model 2


The Model 2 has a 3 inch LCD screen and is available with

front recording only or front and rear recording.

Front Camera only is $59.95

Front and Rear Camera is $79.95


1. 24-hour parking monitoring, through the sensor function of the recorder itself, feel the vibration, the recorder will automatically start recording for 20 seconds to protect your car.
2. Built-in high-sensitivity gravity sensor, when the body shakes or collides, it will automatically trigger the gravity sensing system, and automatically lock the current video and pictures to avoid loss.
3. 1296P ultra-high-definition image quality, with HP high-sensitivity image sensor, clearly record every moment of driving.
4. Automatically open loop recording, when the memory is full, it will automatically delete the earlier recorded video, save the new video, and recycle the memory space.
5. Built-in 10m omnidirectional sound absorption and noise reduction microphone, using intelligent ENC noise reduction technology, automatic recording.

1. Resolution: 1296P
2. Power supply mode: cigarette lighter
3. Power supply: 5V 1.5A
4. Display size: 3 inch LCD screen
5. Support for MicroSD (TF) card: Micro 8-128G
6. Scheme: Jerry 5211 chip
7. Battery capacity: 50mAh
8. Language: Default English, built-in Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Italian

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Front Camera Only, Front And Back Camera

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