Movie Directors Clapper Board w/Dry Erase Surface


The Big City Director’s Acrylic Clapperboard is a device used in filmmaking and video production to assist in synchronizing the picture and sound or to designate a start and end point mark for various scenes or cameras. Made from a whiteboard acrylic material, it’s easy to use whiteboard markers to fill in the details of your shoot, and wipe off easily with a tissue paper for the next scene.

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  • Material: Acrylic material and wooden handle clapboard, stainless metal screws, super magnet closed, durable, easy to be written or cleaned.
  • Wide application: Film shooting, MV shooting, home video, delayed photography, etc. Props necessary for director or film fans.
  • Large size: 11.7in X 9.6in / 25 x 30cm, it can be used to document the film production, director, scene, take, roll and date.
  • Can be used for sound synchronization between multiple cameras during the same take.