Philips 537944 LED 24W T5 Grow Light 4ft – 10 Pack


Philips, 537944, LED 24W T5 Grow Light 4ft, 10 Pack

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Upgrade your indoor gardening setup with the Philips LED 24W T5 Grow Light. This pack includes 10 units of 4ft grow lights with T5 socket size, perfect for hydroponics and indoor plants. The LED lighting technology ensures energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, while the 24W wattage provides ample light for optimal plant growth. These grow lights are manufactured by trusted brand Philips, ensuring top-quality and reliable performance. The LED technology also reduces heat emission, making it safe for use in indoor gardening setups. With this pack of 10 grow lights, you can enhance the growth of your plants and achieve a thriving indoor garden.

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