RGB Light Stick with 3000K-6500K Adjustable Colour Temperature

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A portable battery operated light, great for special effects!

Built in rechargeable battery. Thousands of colours!

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1. CCT colour temperature: 3000K-6500K
2. Brightness adjustment range: 0-100%
3. Number of lamp beads: 135
4. Colour rendering index (CRI): greater than or equal to 96
5. TLCI (QA): greater than or equal to 98
6. RGB tone: 0-1530 (full colour)
7. RGB combination mode: support (up to 16 million combinations of colours)
8. Scene mode: support (10 kinds)
9. Power: 10W
10. Built-in battery: 7.4v 5200mAh 38.48Wh lithium battery
11. Battery life: Full brightness continuous output for about 1.5 hours, 5% brightness continuous output for about 14 hours
12. Input voltage: 5V-1A/5V-2A
13. Mount: 1/4 inch screw hole
14. Size: 50cm length x 4cm width circumference
15. Weight: 700 grams
16. Packing list: RGB fill light, data cable, protective bag, instructions for use

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