X2 Cardioid Microphone with Pop Filter, Shock Mount & Desktop Clamp


Ideal Cardiod Mic for Youtube and Video conferencing!

Comes with a 3.5mm (mini-jack)  plug, pop filter and desktop clamp.

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  1. Directivity: Cardioid
  2. Sensitivity: -36dB+-3dB
  3. Frequency response: 20-20 kHz
  4. Sample Rate: 16 bit,48 kHz
  5. Impedance: >=2.2Kohm
  6. Cable length: 1.35m
  7. Working Voltage: 1.5V


1. Aluminum alloy anodizing process

2. The mesh cover adopts a gradual mesh design centered on the wheat base to form a regular beauty. The visual center of the product is clearer and has better permeability

3. High sensitivity 14mm condenser microphone core, single-point pickup, long pickup distance, full recording without distortion

4. Suitable for recording vocals, live broadcast, musical instrument performance, online games and other occasions, compatible with major mainstream systems and equipment 5. 3.5mm interface


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