Suicide Squad filming in the heart of Toronto

The filming of Suicide Squad has brought a lot of hype to the streets of Toronto. Being one of the biggest movies ever filmed in here, the production has closed down Yonge Street between Queen and College streets from Monday night at 7 p.m until Thursday 6 a.m which has caused the streets to be more hectic than usual. In the past few weeks, they have managed to film multiple live action scenes including a plane crash that took up Yonge Street almost entirely. They shut down a Union Station bus terminal for a train scene and also filmed a helicopter crash that was shot in the financial district. This being said, it is no cheap production.

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The super villain movie is one of the largest and most visible ever shot in Toronto.

The shooting of the film has brought Hollywood Actors, Ben Affleck, Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie, as well as 500 other local actors and crew members on set.

film, filming, news, suicidesquad, toronto, video 

The good news for Toronto is that it is becoming a popular location for the US to shoot their movies because of our low Canadian dollar. In 2014 $1.3 billion dollars was spent on location filming in Toronto which is up 4.3% from 2013 – which only shows how rapidly the desire to film in Toronto is getting. Right now there are 30 different productions being shot in Toronto, which include ‘My big Fat Greek Wedding 2″ and “Special Correspondents.” The increasing popularity for filming in Toronto helps to foresee a successful future in movies for the community of, filming, news, suicidesquad, toronto, video