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Unleash Creativity with the Big City Magic 40w RGBWA Lighting Tube!

The Big City Magic 40w RGBWA Lighting Tube is a must-have tool for any filmmaker, photographer, or event planner looking to create captivating lighting effects. With its versatility and remote control capabilities, you have the power to transform any scene into a work of art. Elevate your creativity and illuminate your world with the Big City Magic 40w RGBWA Lighting Tube!

Here is the comprehensive tutorial we’ve crafted to help you master the Big City Magic 40w RGBWA Lighting Tube, unlocking its full potential to create mesmerizing lighting effects for your films, events, and creative projects.

Nanguang Canada LED Flex Panel Kit

Flex LED’s are arguably the most versatile and durable lights on any set in today’s ever evolving age of filmmaking. Having the flexibility (no pun intended) to place these small but powerful light sources virtually anywhere, is such an amazing asset to have. With our Nanguang Canada LED Flex Panel Kit, you’ll be getting an amazing quality light, that’s long lasting, powerful, versatile, and unbelievably portable.

Inside of the carrying case, you’ll find: 2 Bi-Colour LED Panels, 2 Frames, 2 diffusion sheets, 2 black backing sheets, 1 ballast with v mount battery adapter, 1 AC power cable, ,1 NP series adapter, and a light stand. This incredible deal is a no brainer if you’re in the market for a flexible bi-colour LED panel kit.

The lights are incredibly powerful, and have a great output. At a reasonable power consumption of about 57.6 watts, having the ability to run off a battery for a decent amount of time, is definitely a nice luxury to have. A CRI value of 95 will ensure that the quality of light is sufficient for all types of shoots, and scenarios. The diffusion sheets and ability to dim really give you a great soft light option. Also, it’s worth pointing out that the lights are waterproof, so if you’re someone who’d be working in those conditions, that is good news for you.

For a complete overview of our Nanguang Canada LED Flex Panel Kit, please check out the video below!!

Nanguang Canada – 2 Bi-Colour LED Flex Panel Kit