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green, greenscreen, screen, tutorial

Free resource to help teach yourself how to use green screen.

Green screen is one of the most difficult things to learn to do right and if you don’t have any test footage to help you learn it can be either more time consuming than it all ready is, or costly to shoot your own test footage.  Well the folks at HollywoodCamerawork have just published a series of test footage you can download and use for FREE!  Now you can have some great resources to teach yourself the basics of tracking, matchmoving and rotoscoping on.  They also include elements to build your scene as well, so if you want to add your subject flying in a F15 in the clouds and over the ocean you can!  I was also impressed they include footage of what NOT to do as well, as there are so many mistakes you can make when doing this kind of work.  Anyone who considers themselves a teacher or student of VFX or editing should bookmark this link now!  Green screen originals resource

green, greenscreen, screen, Tutorial

Green screen free resource footage