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Go Pro Camera Drone to be released in 2016

camera, film, glidecam, gopro, hexo, photo, technology

The GoPro has been becoming increasingly popular and with the new camera drone coming out, they are most likely going to explode with business. Since last year, GoPro founder Nick Woodman announced yesterday that the company is building its own quadcopter, the HEXO+ flying camera. The drone is set to launch in the first half of 2016. This is incredibly exciting for the film world because it means not only are our limitations for shots minimize but the cost of budgets will too. It was once impossible to get any birds-eye view shot without getting a helicopter – now it is as simple as driving a remote control airplane. 

The simplicity behind the device makes it user friendly, allowing the handler to control setting from their phone screens, as well as a view finder. If you are alone and would prefer to be the subject of whatever is being filmed, the hexo+ has a built in sensor that is able to track you wherever you go. You can choose to capture yourself in action from any angle, front, back, sides, above and everywhere in between, close up or far away. 

The hexo+ can travel as fast as 40Mph/70kmh and is able to fly in winds up to 15mph. The only downside to these revolutionary drones is that the battery life span only lasts about 15 minutes but to make it fair, 15 minutes of footage can be a lot and only takes about 1h and 30 minutes to charge, so always bring an extra battery or two.

-Harsh Patel