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camera, film, films, iphone, technology

iPhones slowly taking over the (amateur) film world

camera, film, films, iphone, technology

We all know how much success the iPhone has brought to the digital world of photos but whoever thought it could become so handy for filmmakers. Camera technology is advancing fast and the photo/film world is constantly evolving but who knew that shooting with an iPhone would become more prolific than a RedEpic. Magnolia pictures recently released a new movie Tangerine that was shot entirely on an iPhone 5. Director Sean Baker had originally decided to do this for budget reasons. But after saw that the format and aesthetic that the iPhone had given it, matched the bright bold look that he was looking for. In order to contribute to quality without having to change devices, Baker also used anamorphic adapter prototypes from Moondog Labs as well as Filmic Pro to capture the film at a higher compression rate and, along with a Steadicam rig. Watching the trailer you can see that the quality is definitely still there and adds a natural, unique look to the film.

 Tangerine hasn’t been the only movie ever shot on an iPhone. There are quite a few successful films that have all used to the same technique to help give their films a particular look. Their have been a few very successful ones that have stuck out amongst the rest – for example a film that came last year,  “I play with the phrase each other” tore through festivals with its success. Another movie that brought itself great success and all shot on the iPhone 6 was Romance in New York.  Although the film is only 18 minutes long, it falls short of any regret in using the iPhone as a their medium. Other films including: Uneasy lies the mind, Framed, The editor and Dragonborne are all critically acclaimed movies that have had a lot of success in the iPhone film world.

Not only are movies being shot on iPhones but ever since the launching of the iPhone 6, Apple has been showcasing the remarkable quality one can get from their iPhone. Going in this direction, movies shot on iPhones are only going to increase once people realize that sometimes its not the tools but the carpenter.


– Paola Pasqualini