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Big City Model 1 Shoulder Rig Kit

The Big City Model 1 Shoulder Rig Kit comes fully loaded with all of the essentials to get awesome stabilization, for your shots. The complete kit comes equipped with the shoulder mount, handle grips, an overhead grip, matte box, follow focus ring, and camera plate. There is also an option to just purchase the shoulder rig without the complete kit, which includes, the shoulder mount, grips, and camera plate. The rig is made up of metal, but is extremely lightweight. It is extremely simple to setup and use right out of the box!

This piece of gear is an essential for the arsenal of any aspiring filmmaker, or videographer. It is also a great option budget wise, if you are looking for something to get you stable shots without an expensive gimbal. If you would like to purchase this product, please visit the links down below.


Big City Model 1 Shoulder Rig 


Big City Model 1 Shoulder Rig Kit



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The Hobbit, the 3D secret

Shooting the new movie “The Hobbit” in 3D with the most “sophisticated and capable” camera ever engineered and built. Peter Jackson is using 48 RED Epic digital cameras, with the most advanced processor in the world, offers a 5K Mysterium X sensor, captures up to 120 frames per second, each frame at 14MP resolution. The camera also provides a 35 mm motion film resolution  with an extended dynamic range of up to 18 stops. Since the movie is shot in 3D, all the  cameras must be positioned at precise distances from each other in order to achieve the 3D effect. In a package one third of a RED ONE’s size, the camera needs custom camera rings for the lenses to fit, which made it almost impossible to place them at the right distance. The filmmakers had to order custom camera rings from 3ality Technica  to create specialized mounts for the cameras.  The specialized mounts uses a mirror system that allows a one eye camera to shoot into the mirror, and the other eye camera to bounce off the mirror, where operators can change the distances between the camera lenses, allowing them for a view similar to the human eyes, making it look more believable! Fascinating!

Camera, film, photo, photographic, photography, red, redepic, Toronto, video



Camera, film, photo, photographic, photography, red, redepic, Toronto, video

Two RED EPIC cameras to create 3D

The movie won’t be released until December of 2012, but it could be the best looking 3D film ever.