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LG’s New Rollable TV


Last year LG had introduced a rollable TV as a prototype, but now it’s a reality. Consumers will be able to order their very own rollable 4K signature OLED TV sometime this spring. But it doesn’t retail for cheap, this is a premium TV which means it’s going be pretty expensive. The company’s “wallpaper” OLED TV started at $8,000. This is a lot more impressive, which means it will be significantly pricier than that.


This TV is here when you need it, and could disappear in seconds if you don’t want it. Not everyone wants a black screen to be the centre of attention in the living room. Manufactures are starting to realize that. Samsung came out with “The Frame” which becomes a piece of art hanging on your wall when not in use.

There’s a mode on the TV where the display will roll down to about one-fourth of the panel. this mode would reveal on-screen music controls and the option to control your smart home gadget.





Owning a rollable TV doesn’t mean you sacrifice performance. There is no difference in terms of picture quality between this and a rigid, standard OLED. LG is putting this up along side its other premium products, in terms of contrast, brightness and features. All of the OLED bells and whistles, like perfect blacks, great viewing angles, and a wide variety of vivid HDR colour.