camera, canada, film, toronto, video, YOUTUBE, youtubers

How YouTube Changed the (Amature) Film Industry

camera, canada, film, toronto, video, YOUTUBE, youtubers

We have all heard about YouTube, a video-sharing website created in 2005.  YouTube has changed the film and entreatment industries drastically and in my eyes for the better.  Growing up film makers where my heroes. Being a visual person and not being good at expressing myself, I admired them. I loved how they could tell their stores through video and everyone would listened. But becoming a film make or at least one that gets listened to wasn’t easy. People that wanted to make a name for then selfies in film industry had no easy way of getting there creative ideas herd, till now. YouTube has created a simple way for ANYONE to access there audience of over a billion people.

Youtube give a audience for almost anything out there from cat videos to prank videos and the rising star of them all the vlog (video blog). Now you might be thinking “these aren’t films” but they capture on film as part of a series of moving images; make a movie of (a story or event). These usually short and simple films hold a lot of creativity and have a huge demand with many leaving TV and going to daily YouTube uploader’s.

Also besides the wide audience YouTube is still growing! According to YouTube statistics site, “Growth in watch time on YouTube has accelerated and is up at least 50% year over year for three straight years,” so your wide audience is just getting wider.

Now if your reading this and your interested in creating a silly film here or a story of epic per potions but have no idea about film making YouTube has got you covered again. With a wide range of leaning videos so many technical topics. Information that would normally be found in class rooms, you at home can get the knowledge you need to make that creative idea into a reality. You can come check out our tutorials and demos at BigCityLights101.

Its not just videos that can help you lean, YouTube has a comment system where anyone registered can leave a comment on your video. Now I know this is scary and serenely not all comments will be helpful but the opportunity to get direct feed back from your viewers is great. You as a creator can see what your viewers really like or don’t like about your work. Though some comments can be a tad sole crushing they still can help you learn and grow in you work.

YouTube for anyone of any age can be a great place for learning and growth in this day and age of film making and I hope you take advantage.

Just some of the most popular youtuber’s out there

camera, canada, film, toronto, video, YOUTUBE, youtubers

–Stephanie Bradshaw