The Hero4 GoPro has been now been introduced.

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For as long as GoPros have existed they have always been rectangles. For some, the rectangle shape wasn’t a comfortable shape to mount on their heads and certainly not very hydro-dynamic. The makers at GoPro decided to try and fix the problem by making the next new GoPro cubed shaped. The camera will be released July 12th and will be selling for $500 a unit. There are many new features that make this the go to model instead of the others.

 The first feature is it being waterproof without waterproof case being mounted on which can be a lifesaver on those days you forget the case at home. Because of this advancement the size of the GoPro has downsized 50% smaller and 35% lighter. With the new cube, it allows more freedom and flexibility with the position of the camera. With this new feature, it makes it the first Go Pro that you can side mount to your helmet without any awkward elbow joint type mount. When attaching it to your helmet you have two position options, standard and low profile, depending on what you prefer. With only two button to manoeuvre the few functions it has, the lack of constantly having to press buttons, as well as the automatic shut off when not shooting. helps to conserve the battery life far more than the other GoPros. The sound quality is also fairly good on the GoPro, including when its submerged in water. The speakers are designed to drain the water quickly when wet so there isn’t a long delay in restoring audio quality after a splash.

In terms of resolution this is what it has to offer:

• 1080p at 60 and 30fps (SuperView at 48 or 30fps)
• 1440p at 30fps
• 960p at 60 or 30fps
• 720 at 100, 60, or 30fps (SuperView 60 or 30fps)
• WVGA at 120fps
• Stills at 8MP with 10fps bursts

Although the new GoPro seems perfect, of course it comes with some bad news. Where did your my cinematic 24 fps go? That’s the go-to mode for shooting less action stuff. Also, 720p at 100fps? 100? All these features are unfortunately missing from the new model. With new added features comes the downfall of having to cut some of those other great features out. Another unfortunate downfall is image quality. In comparison to the Hero silver, the quality is a lot darker softer while the Hero Silver compared, delivers a much Clearer image. The other problem is that because their is a lack of buttons, the only way to change the modes and settings of the camera is to purchase the $80 app, which of course is sold separately. With most advancements comes a few downfalls but the overall size and added attributes of the Aside from those unfortunate mishaps on the model, the size is a great success and can make all the difference when deciding which GoPro model you’d want to buy. 


– Paola Pasqualini